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21 June 2010 @ 04:35 pm
Builder's Estimates  
Did I say Pepper/Natasha was going to be ~20k? I meant ~25k. Bit it's not going to go up to ~30k, at least. Really!

... (headdesk)

I just tapped 19k 20k, and the plot still needs to wrap up. Another day of in-fic time, I think. I figure another thousand for this scene, and then two thousand for the actual porn (should I manage actual porn; I have never written femslash porn!), and then one/two thousand words of wrap-up. Maybe a scene inserted in the middle to prop up a plot point. Cut some (most—all?) of the drunkenness... Four scenes more, tops!

... *whimper* What happened to 10k?!

ETA Which No One Will Care About: I posted a non-Marvel HC_Bingo thing. Prompt was "accidents", series is Final Fantasy XII, focus character is Larsa. Ye of Little Patience is over yonder.

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