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19 July 2010 @ 10:20 am
weekend report  
(curls up at her desk and snoozes) Another attempt to clean was foiled this weekend. I wanted to take care of Papa's bedroom. We need to get it dusted, cleaned, vacuumed and rearranged, so that when he gets back, everything will be convenient for him. Instead, I somehow got side-swiped into doing a thousand other tiny chores (we're talking things like "take the screwdriver out to the garden shed") and Papa's room remains untouched. RAWR.

I also had the unenviable task of cutting dog hair. Specifically, dog hair on Teddy, who has never been known to handle hair cuts well. He's a high-strung pooch. He squirms, growls, nips and tries to escape. It's usually such a mess that this time we let him get four inches of fur on him, when we prefer to keep them clipped short. My aunt usually does it, and getting him done completely can take days. I fully expected to have a fight on my hands.

I expected wrongly. He just sort of rolled over and went "SIGH" and that was that. My biggest problem was making him stand so I could get all of him. He definitely wasn't happy about it, but I'll take sad stares over attempted bites any day. And he's so much more comfortable with short hair! The downside of this is that I'm going to be on "Teddy haircut duty" for the foreseeable future. @_@ Because I have so much free time.

Final bitch-fest of the weekend. At Family Dinner the topic of selling Papa's house and property came up. My response is something along the lines of, "over my dead body." D:< Do not fuck with me on this one, Family. I don't care who has what legal rights. If you think you're going to package him up and plop him down in some gods-awful home somewhere, you have another think coming.

In more fanfic-y ramblings, I am going to get started on UnDeleted Tony today. I am, I am, I am. D: Why is writing so haaaaaard. ;-; /whine I think maybe it's the first person present tense eating at me. That made the first time through hard. I do not flow well in first person, and present tense eats my soul. *huff* I am seriously regretting making those choices the first time around, no matter how necessary they were.

:( At least I know that it'll be much easier once I start rolling. It's the Getting Started that's hard.

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