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03 September 2010 @ 01:26 pm
Oh LJ  
:\ I don't think I'm going to post my usual meta today. I'm still thinking about it, but the way my writing meta usually works is to lock down the copy at DW, so that the LJ post is the "live" version. With LJ's latest shenanigans, I am seriously reconsidering that mode of operation. As in, I may reverse course and lock down the LJ side, then link to DW. But that would be massively inconvenient for my usual audience (people on cap_ironman). Currently, I do not want to ship traffic to LJ at all, and so... No meta, until LJ shows its cards. *sigh*

If anyone wants to hide that rawr-worthy Twitter/FB crosspost option on LJ comments, just copypasta this into your CSS layout code. It won't save you if they've loaded in ?style=mine or ?format=light but it's something.

.b-repost-item { display: none; }

Here's a copy of my comment on the news post, for posterity:
Okay, LJ Management, here's the way LJ culture works. I think it's time someone explained it to you, because it's clear that you're not listening to your staff (who are wonderful people, some of whom were hired because they get it). I've no real expectations that you'll listen, so I'm essentially spitting into the wind. Onward brave soldier, etc.

Think of the internet as a planet, and LiveJournal as a country. We've got artists, college students, parents, teenagers, blue collar, white collar, fans... We even have social classes (permanent, paid, sponsored and basic!) All spread out in our own cities, and then narrowed even farther into neighborhoods. Most of us know our neighbors/flist a lot better than the person all the way across the way, but sometimes we brush shoulders and chit-chat in communities. Livejournal, as a whole, has a series of cultural norms that its citizens are expected to follow—individual areas narrow those down even farther, but we all draw from the same pool of social norms. One of those norms is a respect for privacy, and the understanding that many (I would even venture to say that most of us) use LJ as an escape from the rest of the webs and our real life relationships. We don't pass out personal information easily, and we strongly prefer to have control over every aspect of our data. Where other "countries" are encouraging people to connect RL and the internet, LJ very much shows its USA origins in our fierce preference for privacy and anonymity.

So if you think of LJ as a country, each individual LJ is a house. When someone makes a post, it's inviting people into our homes for conversation. An open post is like throwing open the doors and letting the world in. A flocked post is like inviting a few friends over for supper. And a filtered flocked post is the equivalent of checking the doors and windows to make sure no one's listening. In an RL-context, those cues tell the participants what level of secrecy is expected, and on LJ security levels work the same way. It's known to be the height of rudeness to take whatever's discussed in a locked post outside into the rest of the world without permission. This is a cultural norm that will get you shunned and declared a troll if you breach it. This is why places like metaquotes have quoted with permission tagged on so often, so everyone knows that rule hasn't been broken. Even then, there's some flexibility, because it's all staying in LJ, and so people are a lot more willing to give it out.

If LJ is a country, Facebook and Twitter are separate countries. And yes, while some people have houses/accounts in those countries too, they operate on completely different social norms, and we use them for different reasons. Some of those reasons are not ones we're happy with, such as those who were forced to get an account for their job, or who use it as a facade in order to hide their LJ.

Traditionally, LJ management has at least given lip service to respecting those norms. (Kind of like Congress and the rest of the USA.) Part of the reason why this is such a disaster is that those little ticky boxes are implicit permission to take the conversation within a post from our homes into their own, which is in another entirely and where we may not be happy with the rules and norms. Bad enough in an open conversation, where anyone can overhear, but in a locked post that's a disaster. And that invitation is one we can't rescind, as things are now.

I understand that the ownership of a comment is a tricky thing. It logically belongs to the person who made it, but it's happening in someone else's house under that person's rules. And, just as if the conversation were being had in a physical house, it's not on to disrespect their rules. The solution, to me, is to give the journal owner control over cross-posting access across their journal, and to remove the function from locked posts entirely. Locked posts aren't going to drive traffic to LJ anyway, so you'll lose nothing significant in terms of ad revenue, and it will make the entire userbase breathe easier. And maybe it'll win you enough goodwill that a few more people will leave the function turned on.

Again, I don't really have any faith that I'll be listened to. But you know what, I've stuck by LJ through a lot of things, and while I've readied my lifeboat, I really don't want to use it. Facebook is my line. I don't use it because the privacy (or lack of) skeeves me, and I hate the idea of connecting my RL identity and my online identity so closely. I don't want my information on it, and I don't want my LJ experience to mirror it in any way. As you can see, a lot of people feel the same. Please don't ignore us in this, just for the sake of a few dollars in ad-clicks.

On that note, I still have six available DW invites, should anyone want them.

Also, for anyone on LJ who needs convincing, revel in the tone of this news post and try playing around with the new Create Post mock-up.

ETA: Aaaaaaand the LJ news post is "down for maintanence". Oh, LJ. You keep sticking that foot down your throat and your head farther up your ass. Maybe they'll meet in the middle. With force.

Commenting has unofficially been moved over here.

Crossposted to Dreamwidths ohnoz!
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Vel'ithya Tevrielvelithya on September 5th, 2010 09:58 am (UTC)
very eloquent.

Your "repost to: Twitter" is still showing though FYI.
tsukinofaerii: Coffeetsukinofaerii on September 6th, 2010 02:02 am (UTC)
lol ♥ Thanks, but I did that deliberately. My Twitter has no connection to RL, so I don't mind so much if people repost to it. Am thinking about hiding it, but much less concerned there. Facebook, on the otherhand, is the realm of My Boss and Such, and must be avoided at all costs.