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Digital Eclipse

Stand Still, Look Pretty


The first thing you need to know is that this LJ is no longer updated. As of September 08, 2010 I've moved to Dreamwidth. All of my content is mirrored there, so if something happens to this journal, you can still find what you're looking for.

The reason I've moved is deliniated here, here, here and here. The relevant LJ News Posts are and . The Lj Releases post is here. For those who don't want to read a fuckton of comments, here's a quick run-down.

On August 31, 2010, news announced a new feature called Facebook Connect. This feature would allow Facebook and Twitter accounts to be used as an Open ID, and also for people to crosspost their entries. So far, not too bad for Facebook/Twitter users. What was bad is that people could also crosspost their comments. The comment would show up with a snippet of text, the LJ icon, entry subject and a link, essentially removing control of the comments from the journal owner. Regardless of the journal owner's feelings or consent, their post would be advertised on Facebook. Compounding this issue, the comment crossposting did not respect flock, meaning that even locked posts would be visible.

For those who don't understand why this is such a huge privacy violation, think of it this way. You're talking with friends in a park, or a cafe. It doesn't much matter the topic, just that personal things will be discussed. Sure, anyone could walk by and listen in, but the odds of anyone you specifically don't want hearing this are pretty nil. Normally, your friends would keep this to themselves, right? It's not hugely sensitive information, and it's mostly between only you all. Before this feature, if they'd wanted to be asses, they would have had to go around and physically tell people about the conversation, and even if they do want to be jerks, that's a lot of work.

Now, you have the same conversation, but your friends now have the ability to broadcast it. And post a Facebook update pointing at the broadcast. Even worse, it's so easy to broadacast and link that it can be done accidentally.

Now that conversation isn't in a cafe. It's in the privacy of your own home, and it's very personal. But the broadcast/link function is still active, and as easy to trigger as ever.

See why people flipped out?

Livejournal took 10 days to respond. news was updated on September 10, after ~13,000 comments. (It's hard to tell exactly how many, due to later events.) This post announced that, at some later date, the comments crossposting feature would be removed from flocked LJs. No opt-out was provided for those folk who don't want Twitter and Facebook to be advertising services for what they wanted to be low-key journals. Some people were happy enough—you can see that second News update has the occasional "thank you" scattered about. A lot of people were still angry, about the lack of opt-out, possible copyright violations caused by the feature, and the 10 days of silence.

This is when it just gets wrong.

One of the most adamantly pro-LJ people was a user called getyourownbitch. This person trolled the comments of the people who were expressing their upset and anger. It was later revealed that getyourownbitch was actually LJ Staff member brenden. Don't bother searching the News post for hir comments; they were deleted. The link I provided has the comments copypasta'd from someone's email. Other information came to light about dnewhall, who had been trolling in flocked posts that ze should not have been accessing. As of today (September 13 2010), neither have been fired. Another staff member markf also behaved unprofessionally. Ze has also not, to my knowledge, been disciplined. Seriously, people, I work a help desk position. How unprofessional can you be? You never tell someone that you don't understand their concerns, even if you don't. And for the love of fuck, don't argue! This is customer service 101, people!

And that's where it currently stands. LJ has allowed a feature which removes whatever online privacy was provided by flying under radar, staff members are actively allowed to troll users in public and flocked posts, and users are apparently no longer considered worthy of respect. I got out before the second news post, but it cemented my determination to stay away from the toxic dump LJ is now becoming.

If you are my friend here, please come visit me at Dreamwidth. I'll even do my best to dig out an invite for you. DW looks to be a great place, and it's getting better all the time. There's even a handy-dandy import feature, so you won't lose ages of LJ history. Even if you only use it as a back-up (what I did for about a year before this happened), it's totally worth it. If you're only here for my fic, I'm updating almost everything to Archive of our Own, save those things that require special formatting which AO3 doesn't allow.

So, with all of that said, good bye, LJ Friends. I'll miss you while I'm gone, and I hope to see you all on DW eventually. ♥

If you know me RL and have tracked me down, read this first.

I'm relatively laid-back, and have never in my LJ life had issues with people on my journal. No, seriously. Ban count is currently 0, and I'm hoping to keep it this way 1, and I'm not happy with having even that one. That being said, I need to lay down some rules. Mostly because I feel like having something laid down somewhere will make me feel better whenI have to ban someone. Break them seriously and you're blocked.
  1. I rate my fics using my own system because I got tired of trying to figure out how to rate something for things that don't make as much impact in text as they do in movies. Please respect that system.
  2. Be polite when you can. If you disagree with something or someone, say so, but keep it civil. Debate, don't argue. That being said, I'm extremely tolerant when to comes to schooling people harshly. (Seriously, don't try to pull the Tone Argument. I'm a lot more likely to sit back and let you have your ass handed to you if you do.)
  3. Ask before you snag. I'll usually be fine with spreading my stuff around, but it's polite to let me know first. I might have a reason for keeping it close to my chest.
  4. Credit. If you snag, credit whoever deserves it, whether it's me or someone I snagged from. This keeps the happy spreading around.
  5. If you're here to convert or push for a religion, political party, ethic, etc, you can go away now and save yourself some time.
  6. Requests and ideas welcome, but unless you endear yourself to me greatly, I seldom make promises. I'm a slow writer, and I frequently just have too much on my plate.
  7. Constructive Criticism is not only welcome, it's cherished.
  8. I promise that I will never throw up a fuss about someone friending me randomly.
  9. Lurkers welcome.
  10. If you want to be friended back, please talk to me! Strike up a conversation. I promise I only bite in a friendly way.
  11. If you feel I no longer belong on your flist, feel free to defriend. I promise I won't hold it against you.
  12. Anything which is sexually explicit is marked and locked, but I only consider art to be "explicit", so the fanfiction is open for perusal. In other words, you don't need to friend me to read.
  13. I do not check ages when I friend, but this may change if the rules change.
  14. Adult topics which are non-explicit (politics, relgion, sex which is non-descriptive/pictoral) are not locked.



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